Measuring Success

The vast majority of people in the online space measure success through dollars. We have all seen testimonials stating go from zero to six figures in six months or six weeks. Personally, I’ve never liked that approach, because when you look behind the scenes, there are so many ways with which you can manipulate those numbers.

For example, I remember reading in a post that said, “I just had a $50,000 month!” When somebody commented “$50,000 in cash!”, the response was, “no $50,000 in contracts”. Now, let’s put things in perspective. That’s not a $50,000 month! Since it is in a contract, that doesn’t mean you actually have that cash in hand. You did X number in sales, which is great, but what was your profit?

I remember working on launches, where the client would announce, I had a seven-figure launch. But they would never disclose the fact that they spent $800,000 in Facebook ads and affiliate fees. So, in reality, on this million-dollar launch they had, it wasn’t a million dollars in cash collected. It was a million dollars in promised money. It might have been $500,000 in cash and then whatever came across as payment plans. But they spent $800,000 of that million that was promised in affiliates and Facebook ads. At the end of the day, it was really only $200,000.

How do you measure success?

When I think about measuring success in the online space, you will never hear me say here’s how I’m going to help you go from zero to six figures in six weeks. Instead, you will see me use the language, let me help you build a six-figure or a seven-figure business.

measuring success

It all comes down to how you measure success

I measure success through impact. If you really focus on the impact, the income will follow. In what other industry do we regularly announce our income? I’m not saying don’t be transparent, I think there are some really great ways in which people can do that and be transparent. Julie Stoian does an excellent job at that, where she breaks down the money for the quarter and is very transparent.

Lack of transparency

A huge part of the problem for me is the lack of transparency. That’s part of the reason why I’m not a huge fan of upselling like that. It is really hard to make a promise around what someone is going to be able to make based on joining one of your programs. Their goal might not be to make a lot of money. Their goal might be to impact 100 people and impacting 100 people with a $100 program that might be success to them.

You have to understand what success means to you:

  • How do you measure success?
  • How do you measure your goals?

The important thing to remember and to make shifts around is realizing what is really important to you. I know that there is a whole legion of people out there who are turned off by money marketing and so I want to open the conversation to you about what success looks like to you. How do you measure that success, because I don’t personally believe success is all about the money. The money is a byproduct of the impact that you’re making in the lives that you’re changing.

Focus on the impact and the money will follow

I truly believe deep down in my core that if you can focus on the impact, the money will follow. I think that there’s a better way to have success in the online space that doesn’t necessarily involve boasting online about the amount of dollars.

Your ROI is important, but I think people often also neglect to mention when they’re making those claims, that these results are not typical. I truly believe that you have to look beyond money when it comes to measuring success.

I want to challenge you to think about what impact looks like for you? If you’re going to leverage your time and you’re going to leave a legacy and you’re going to really lead in your industry, you have to put the people first. So, when you think about putting the people first and the impact first and then worrying less about the income, knowing that it will follow with complete trust, how does that allow you to show up differently online?

When you focus on impact, everything else will fall into place.

Take a moment and think about what that impact number looks like for you? When we do our strategic planning inside of our Business Ecosystem Builders program, we literally focus on what that impact number is and then the money goal. Your impact numbers come first because that drives all the other decisions in the business!


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