What is a Human Design Reader Training Program, Course, & Certification?

A human design reader training program (also called a course or certification) is an educational container where you can learn about human design. Human Design is a tool that combines seven different modalities into one chart, known as a human design chart. You can download yours here.

A human design chart gives the person insight into how they are designed to interact in the world, their personality, their strengths and weakness, challenges they may experience, the lens through which they see the world, the ideal environment for them, how they are best designed to learn and take in information and more. A human design reader training course or program teaches people how to read, interpret, and understand the energy that is present in a chart.

A human design reader training program, ideally, teaches all of the different details and levels of a chart, plus how to synthesize the energy that is present together and provide guidance (or support) based on the nuance of what is present. In human design, there is a lot of depth present, which can be utilized to read a chart and better understand the person in front of you.

Here are some of the nuances that are present in human design

        • Type – The 5 Types
        • Profile – The 12 Profiles
        • Definition – The 6 Definitions
        • Authority – The 7 Authorities
        • Centers – The 9 Centers – Defined, Undefined, & Open
        • Circuity, channels, & gates
        • Variable – Left vs. Right, Determination, Environment, Perspective, Motivation
        • Incarnation Cross
        • Not-Self & Shoulds
        • Conditioning
        • Relationships
        • Penta & Wa, aka groups of 3 or more

In my opinion, at a minimum, a human design reader training program must include type, profile, centers, authority, definition, and channels & gates. This is because if you are only looking at type and profile, human design can become just another personality test that is homogenized.

Optimally, a human design reader training program or certification includes circuitry, variable, not-self & deconditioning support, and incarnation cross, as well as the basics of relationships and connection charts.

What is Missing In Most Human Design Reader Training Programs:

When I was toying with the idea of doing a year-long program that deep dives into human design, I knew that I didn’t want it to be just another human design reader training program. It’s not that all human design reader training programs are bad. There are some good ones out there.

The problem is that the world doesn’t actually need more human design readers. The world does NOT need more people to sit and talk and philosophize about human design and use their design as an excuse not to take action. The world needs people who know how to leverage the depth available in human design while supporting their clients to get into action with it.

From my 3/5 projector experience, this is missing in the human design reader training space. It is wonderful that so many people want to dive deeper into learning this tool. Still, to actually allow it to support us in evolving, we have to experiment with it in our lives. We must use it, dance with it, and allow it to support us in our evolution. We can’t just talk about it. We can’t use it as an excuse to limit us. We must use the knowledge of it to be a catalyst for change in our world and our clients’ lives.

We have to learn how to embody it, weave it into our being and our expertise, and put it into action. Human design is a powerful tool if we leverage it, if we can embody it and if we can peel back the layers of conditioning to come back to the true nature of who we are. When we can synthesize human design with our existing expertise to better understand, support, and customize our clients’ experience. Human design becomes even more powerful when we actually dive into the depths of it, the nuance of it, and we create something entirely new in the process.

Creating Your Own Intellectual Property with Human Design

Of course, truly understanding the depths of human design and weaving it into your existing expertise takes time, but I would contend it is time well spent. In my world, I do this in business. I weave human design into business to better understanding how you can craft an offer, set goals, discern your ideal client, market and sell yourself, and more.

I have clients leveraging it with somatics, writing, course creation, yoga, tech, launching, and trauma (honestly, that is just the tip of the iceberg). This happened because I took the time to create a Human Design Training Program, HD Wild, that moves people into action, providing a depth of understanding with real-world examples and offers up multiple learning opportunities for adult learners.

My clients are moving into action for themselves, their business, their clients, and their future selves. That supports students in not only learning the tool of human design but the depth. That supports them on their human design journey in life and business. While helping them create something entirely new with their existing expertise.

I have created HD Wild with all the support, depth, and embodiment that most human design reader training programs are missing (can you see my 4th color perspective here – what’s needed, what’s missing?).

The Emerging Field & Industry Of Human Design

How can you use a human design reader training program or course to become a visionary & thought leader in your industry?

Human design is an emerging field. There is a blue ocean of opportunity in this space to shape the way business is done in your industry, providing a more individualized approach without necessarily having to spend hours doing one-on-one work. Of course, this takes a bit of time to develop, but the opportunity is there for those who are ready to dive deep.

Of course, the obvious way to leverage human design is through coaching, consulting, therapy and guiding. Human Design is a tool to guide the practitioner more quickly to where the root of the problem may be for the client. I believe that there are a lot of creative ways I have yet to see emerge in the marketplace as to how human design readers can support their clients with this tool.

The list of human design opportunities is by no means an exhaustive list. This is simply what came to mind after a 15-minute brainstorming session. The point is there is the opportunity to disrupt your industry or niche to provide a more individualized approach to supporting clients. This is where understanding human design comes in, then weaving that into parts of your business.

For example, I am working with a client who is struggling to get clients to finish their course creation projects. Together, by design, we are developing a process that looks at clients’ human design charts to understand better why they might not finish and offer up support. In this instance, we are looking at type, profile, and gates.

With another client, she is a launch strategist and is developing a launch strategy process based on variables, type, defined centers, voices of the throat, and channels. She has created a framework to launch in a more aligned way.

I have clients using human design to develop nutrition protocols for sacral beings, to somatic support and clear energy in undefined centers, to help their authors write with more flow and consistency, and to discern which technology is optimal for them in their business. I have clients weaving this with numerology, tarot, reiki, chakras, recovery, Facebook ads, and more.

Industries & Ideas for Utilizing Human Design to provide a differentiated approach: 

    • Money, Wealth Creation, & Finances
    • Nutrition & Health
    • Education & Homeschooling
    • Kids & Parenting
    • Relationships of all kinds – Marriage, business, partnerships, family
    • Generational Trauma
    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Sleep
    • Business Strategy & Consulting
    • Event Planning
    • Professional Services 
    • Creativity
    • Done for You Service Providers
      • Website Design
      • Social Media
      • Marketing
      • Funnel Building
      • Tech & Automations
    • Team Building & Culture
    • Leadership
    • Construction & Home & Interior Design
    • Habit Formation & Accountability
    • Real Estate
    • Client Retention & Finishing
    • Operations & Customer Support
    • Recruitment & HR
    • Sales & Selling
    • Public Relations
    • Exercising
    • Fashion & Style
    • Product Design & Development
    • Writing & Publishing
    • Business Design & Business Planning
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Content Consumption aka – what to watch, read, etc
    • Software Design & Use
    • Communication 
    • Retail

Are you ready to embark on a human design reader training program and begin the journey to disrupt your industry?

The point is there are a lot of possibilities here to differentiate yourself, disrupt, and create a revolution in your industry. You don’t need a reader training program that hands you knowledge. You need, if it feels aligned with your strategy and authority, a reader training program that supports you in moving your expertise forward and your industry forward.

You need depth, experience, and examples. Someone who is practicing what they preach. You need support for yourself and your business in this process. You need people who get it.

I created and developed HD Wild because this is missing in other human design reader programs. I know because I’ve experienced it. I’ve witnessed it. I’ve seen it, heard it, and watched it unfold.

When it comes to human design, it is not enough just to have knowledge. You have to take that knowledge and bring it one step deeper. You must synthesize and put it into action for yourself and your clients. Because once you see how human design can transform your business, you will never be able to unsee it.

If you feel called to disrupt how things have always been done in your industry, I invite you to join the HD Wild Program. HD WIld is a 1-year human design training program with live teaching, weekly support calls, the HD Wild Support Manual, business strategy, tech, & mindset calls, a video library, voxer access to me, an incredible community, and more.

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This is the last time I will offer one-on-one calls as a bonus.

So if you are ready to step into the wild world of human design, I invite you to join me and journey into the wild world of human design.