Human Design with Expert Brigitte Knight

Do you feel super tired, burnt from trying everything and anything? Tired of constantly feeling like you’re doing everything the wrong way? Maybe your answer is in your Human Design

The Human Design

In Human Design, there are five types of people, five different personality types, five different types of energies, five different ways of interacting with the world, and five different ways to accurately decide what’s best for you.

I recently had a chance to sit down and talk to my good friend and client Brigitte Knight. Brigitte is a Relationship Coach and Human Design Communication Specialist. She helps individuals, couples, families, and teams improve their communication so they can optimize their relationships, career, or business. 

She works mainly with Generators and Projectors, because those are the two types that are more prone to burnout, something that Brigitte is really familiar with and has experienced several times in her career. Besides her experience, she brings her knowledge of how to use human design strategies to not get into those situations in the first place.

Human Design with Expert Brigitte Knight

Once you have success with human design in a particularly gnarly area in your life, where you come to a place you can breathe and you have some room, you will soon realize that you can use those same strategies in other areas. You can use it in your relationships, you can use it at work, you can use it in your business.

Human Design is easy to learn, but it took time for you to learn the wrong way and it is going to take a moment for you to learn to do things the right way. This is why she encourages people to take the time to sit down with a professional Human Design reader and see how it works.

Human Design Types

The world is not set up to accommodate all of the Design types. There is this false belief that the longer you work, the harder you work, the more successes you will have and the more valued you will be. Out of all five types in Human Design, only Generators have this type of energy. All the other types, who don’t naturally have that kind of energy, are trying to meet that ideal and trying to keep up with society and keep up with what is valued. They don’t have the energy to sustain that and they burn out because they don’t know any better. 

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of energy: you have to get up every day, you are in it all day long. You’re doing everything, wearing all the hats, and it is exhausting. Even when you say:

“Okay, it’s five o’clock! I’m done.” Your brain is still in creative mode. Your brain is never really off when you’re an entrepreneur. 

In Human Design, that can be a disaster for some of the types:

If you are a manifester, do you understand what it means to actually not do the work? Do you understand why you have to inform? Do you understand how that affects your own physical well-being? 

If you are a generator, do you understand why it’s important for you to use your sacral sounds, your YESs, and your NOs? Do you understand how important it is to not adding pressure to the workload of an entrepreneur? Because if you’re saying yes to all the wrong things, and you already have a heavy plate as an entrepreneur, you’re just making your business and your entrepreneurial experience a disaster, and you’re going to burn out. That is not the point, the point is to have more freedom!

If you want to know more about Human Design, connect with Brigitte on Instagram and visit her website for more info.


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