How to Make a Black Friday Sale


The holiday season kickoff is just a few weeks away, and you might be thinking, “Well, it’s too late for me to make a Black Friday sale in my business….” Guess what, it’s not!



You still have plenty of time to create an amazing Black Friday deal and sale in your business. I’m going to walk you through six steps that will lead to a successful Black Friday launch in your business.



How to make a Black Friday Sale



1. Have a Black Friday offer!



What will you be selling? At this point in the game, you want to think about the products and the services that you have, which are tried and true in your business. You know that you can deliver them and deliver them well! You have a process and a way in which you can repeatedly deliver to your clients. For some of you, that might also include doing a workshop at a later date. Generally, think about the things that you know you are a ROCK STAR at. That’s what you want to offer for a Black Friday sale. You want to keep it simple and under $300!



Given the fact that we’re only a few weeks away from the Black Friday launch, this launch, in particular, is going towards your organic following. People who are already on your email list and/ or are following you on social media.



How are you going to deliver your Black Friday offer?

Think about how you are going to do the deliverable. Is it an automated deliverable or will you have to physically do some work to deliver? That’s really important to keep in mind when you’re doing a Black Friday offer. If you are selling too many offers, you might have a delivery problem on the backend. You want to keep it super simple. You don’t want to have a lot of conversations with people so that they buy your Black Friday offer.



Keep it simple. Keep it straightforward. Keep it sexy. Keep it under $300!



Determine when to start your Black Friday sale

It is really important to set the right Black Friday sale date. I’m a huge fan of starting on Friday, which is the traditional Black Friday, and not on Thursday at noon before Thanksgiving is even over.



I like the Friday to Monday because it covers Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. So if you open cart and close cart with that four-day window, that’s usually plenty of time for people to determine whether or not they’re going to buy from you. It’s also a really tight window where it’s short enough that people will understand the urgency behind that.



2. Your Black Friday Hook



What will make them buy from you now? Why is this different than all the other times that you’ve potentially offered this product?



For example, if you are selling strategy sessions at a discounted price, why should they act now?



  • What’s the angle? What’s the hook? Why now? 

When they can tie it to that, that will really help them determine and create that sense of urgency and that motivation to pull out their credit card and move forward with you.



It is key to having that hook or an angle that might be different this time because ultimately these are people who have probably seen some of your offers before.



The goal of doing a big Black Friday sale is to ultimately convert people who are already in your community into buyers. What’s the angle? Keep it a little different than you have in the past, and you will find that you might get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to this Black Friday sale. Taking somebody who’s stalking you online and converting them into a buyer is easier to sell than somebody that has bought from you before.

3. Black Friday Sale Features and Benefits



Features and benefits are super important for a successful Black Friday sale. As I mentioned earlier (see number one), you want to make it really simple for people to understand what they’re buying. Map out what they are getting from you! Think of it as the specs when you are buying a computer: the type of processor, how much RAM, the mechanics, etc…



Features. What are they going to get if you’re selling a coaching service? If you’re selling a PDF, be specific, and detail what they get. You want to make it crystal clear of what they’re getting and that you can deliver on that. Writing it down makes it a million times easier for you to make the right decisions on moving forward with your offer.

Benefits. The benefits are going to help clients with the transformation that they’re about to embark on. Think about what the outcome of buying your product is.



  • How is it going to move them closer to their goal?
  • What are they going to transform as a result of buying your product?


Those are the benefits that the ideal client is going to want to hear, see, experience, and read about in order to say yes! to your product or service.



So, it’s really important to clearly define the features and define the benefits. Benefits are typically intangible, whereas features are tangible. It’s important to make that distinction and create that clarity, not only for yourself but for the person who’s buying your product.

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4. Black Friday Sale Bonus Items



I love adding in bonus items when it comes to Black Friday Sales. It gives people this incentive to move forward. Part of the reason why we include bonus items is because when we are pricing our offers for Black Friday, it is important to have the entire value of the offer be roughly 10x what the investment is. 

If you’re selling a $100 offer, you want it to be a $1,000 value. That’s where some of your bonus items can come in. Bonus items are typically ancillary products that will either



  • Support the transformation,
  • Support the process
  • Support the outcome that the ideal client is looking to get.


It may seem silly, but bonus items are really important. Here are a couple of different ways in which you can have bonus items for your Black Friday sale:



  • Early bird bonus item. I love doing that because it creates a lot of action for people to take that step towards buying, which then gives you social proof that you can use later on during that Black Friday special.
  • Different bonus items each day or a series of disappearing bonus items. You get these four things if you buy on Friday. These three things, two things, one thing, etc…
  • Your usual bonus offers or a combination of them all.


Ultimately, it’s up to you. Most importantly have fun with it and get creative! If you don’t see a need for bonus items, because your offer is incredible, you don’t have to do it. I know for myself, having these bonus items helped move clients forward. And if I can move some clients forward, I know that they’re more than likely going to look into or buy some of my other programs and offers.



What can you use as bonus items?

  • Think of ancillary masterclasses that might support the program or the offer that you might have created initially.
  • Swipe files, templates, e-books, potentially swag. (I’m not a huge swag gal, but some people really love swag.)
  • Planners or even tools that you use in your business. A client of mine is going to offer a strategy session for 2021. Think about those things that might not be super valuable for you yet are really powerful for people.


5. In what ecosystem are you going to sell your Black Friday Sales offer?



I’m a huge fan of social media and a huge fan of your email list. You could potentially talk about it on your podcast or your YouTube channel. Understand what content you need to create for which platforms and when. You don’t want to be in a scattered last-minute frenzy trying to get all this stuff out.

Have a solid plan in place so that you have everything scheduled out in advance. When you know which ecosystems you’re going to be posting content on, you can determine what graphics and content to create. It makes creating a plan that much easier!



6. Black Friday Sales Content



You have to create some sales emails and sales social copy that are going to sell this offer. I get that sales emails are not always the easiest thing to write. But the good news is if you start with a sales email, they are going to give you plenty of social media copy to repurpose.

  • You will need at least four sales emails, one for each of the sale days.
  • I also recommend having some emails go out preemptively, talking about the fact that you’re going to have a big Black Friday Sale.
  • You want to have a few emails going out ahead of time. Maybe one or two, and then follow up with at least one email a day for the duration of the four days.
  • If you decide to do an early bird special, you want to have one email go out on Black Friday and then have two or three reminder emails saying, “The early bird or the fast action bonuses are ending today.” Like that you are also closing the cart. That day, you will have multiple emails go out. Is it necessary? No, but it does increase conversion. Four emails is the minimum. If you do four, congratulations, you have had a successful sale!

Again, do take all that content and repurpose it on social media. I recommend that you post two or three times a day because there is a lot more volume on social media during Black Friday and a lot more ads. Essentially, you’re competing for that content in the newsfeed.



If you wonder, how you could get a list ahead of time, then I encourage you in the weeks leading up to Black Friday (right now, next week and the week after, and the week of), to put a post on social media saying “Hey, I’m doing a big Black Friday Sale. If you want to know about it, either get on my email list or DM me.” Whatever it is, get a list of people leading up to the Black Friday Sales so that people will want whatever your special is! That will also help increase sales during that time.



These are my six steps for a successful Black Friday launch. I hope it’s helpful to you to distill down what you need to do at a minimum to have a successful Black Friday sale!



The holiday season kickoff is just a few weeks away, and you might be thinking, “Well, it’s too late for me to make a Black Friday sale in my business….”  Guess what, it’s not!






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