understanding your ideal client

Today, I’m sharing my human framework with you. This is all about getting to know your ideal client or your avatar. We will dig a bit deeper than the traditional demographics, age, sex, location, homeowner, and where they shop.

After working for years behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in the online industry, I noticed a pattern. The people who would build a seven-figure business or who would have crazy successful launches would have great clarity around who their ideal client is. And I’m not just talking about where they shop or what they like to do, or the books that they read. No, I’m talking about knowing their deepest inner fears and motivations and the things that keep them up at night.

How do you identify your human/ ideal client?

Let’s have a look behind the scenes to my framework on how to identify, better understand and get clarity around your human/ ideal client. I watched as some clients would soar and others would flounder. The difference was that the clients who would soar would know with great specificity who their human was. They would understand their psychology, their mindset, their motivations, and their fears.

What is the human framework?

The human framework is an acronym for getting clarity around your ideal client.

The letter H in HUMAN

  • How are they showing up online and where and what ecosystems do they hang out with?
  • Where are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • How are they showing up online?
  • Are they somebody who binges on Instagram stories or are they more of a content consumer (podcasts)?
  • Are they someone who is obsessed with YouTube?

Understand how your ideal client is showing up online and what ecosystems they are hanging out with. That is essential for your success because you want to make sure you have a match with where you’re hanging out and where your ideal client is hanging out.

understanding your ideal client

The letter U in HUMAN

Understand where they are with respect to getting what they want. Let’s face it. We all have goals, desires, and motivations that we want to achieve. But to truly understand your ideal client, you have to understand what it is that they want to achieve. This is something that so many people just gloss over and don’t get really specific about. For me, this is a piece where when you can understand

  • what motivates your client
  • what they want to achieve in their life / their business / with their family
  • the kind of person that they want to be

You will have so much insight into the psychology and underpinnings of how their brain works. You’ll be able to speak their language with so much more ease that they’ll be running to you saying, “Jim, how did you get inside my head?” Ultimately that’s what you want to do and understand it.

That’s the level of understanding that you want to have when it comes to your human.

The letter M in HUMAN

You might have to interview people if you haven’t really worked with any of your ideal clients. Many of my clients have been working one-on-one with clients for quite some time, and now they’re ready to go and do a course or a membership, or a program model. They have an understanding of

  • What their client’s mindset is
  • What their client’s fears are
  • What their client’s motivations are

With fears, I am not just addressing the fears they actually articulate.

  • It’s the fears that they hold inside themselves.
  • It’s the things that keep them up at night.
  • It’s the things that they worry about achieving.
  • It’s the things that they want in terms of success and failure and all the different things that come along the way.

You really want to understand what their mindset is! Where is their brain at? Because if somebody is constantly in worry and overwhelmed, you need to speak to that person in a completely different way than you would to somebody who has a growth mindset and is constantly trying to figure out new things. That mindset piece is really important to understand, especially when it comes to the marketing language you’re going to use.


The letter A in HUMAN

A stands for assets. This is what everybody always talks about when it comes to identifying your ideal client. It’s important to know

  • If they own a house
  • If they have kids
  • If they are married
  • If they are single
  • How old are they
  • Where they shop
  • What things they like to buy
  • What things they don’t like to buy
  • What they have tried

It’s really important to understand all of that. Be sure to do your research and understand it and understand the types of places that they like to shop. Understand the places where they don’t like to shop and tie those things into who they are as a person and their core values. Understand their assets and tie that to who they are as a human being. (that is part of the first three parts of this exercise and framework)


The letter N in HUMAN

  • What is happening now?
  • What is holding them back from achieving what they want to achieve?
  • What do they believe about the problem that they are trying to solve?
  • What are their biggest challenges?
  • What have they done to try and resolve this problem and where are they in that journey, and digging deep in this spot?
  • What is the problem that they believe that they have?
  • What solutions have they tried? (Tried & failed and tried & succeeded)

Human framework

Understanding all those little micro details along the way, is going to make a massive difference when it comes to actually being able to get into their brain and getting them to think like, “How did she know I was thinking that?” Oftentimes for many of us, our ideal client or our human is just us a few steps behind where we are today. It’s always good to look back and think about where you were a year or two or three years ago, to try and understand some of the mindsets, some of the motivations, fears, and the things that are happening now in their world.

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