This is me

I’ve been a bit of a prairie dog lately…I’ve been popping my head out here and there and going back underground to hide when it comes to the online world. If you know me, you know how important consistency and practicing what I preach is to me. I’ve been known to be relentlessly consistent, and I haven’t been. Which doesn’t feel super great.

Over the past year or so I’ve been on a bit of a deep dive into who I am, what I want and my place in the world. I have radically altered my business, said a lot of No’s and created boundaries (which has not always made other people happy) all in an effort to get back to me. I have stepped into my power (behind the scenes at least) and am finding my voice…for what may be the first time in my adult life.

You might know me as the social media gal and perhaps that is why you are following me. I believe it is important for me to declare that I am so much more than that and over the past year I have been making big adjustments to my business to represent that. These changes include changing the name of my business, logo, brand, group and podcast name, altering my mission, and truly honing in on where I can make the biggest impact in the world.

I’ve struggled to share this new found voice as I know that can mean judgement, criticism, and ALL THE FUN things no one likes to talk about when it comes to the online space. I’ve written things and never posted them. I have had self-doubt and imposter syndrome (which isn’t something I’ve worn often in my career) and my oh so thick skin has felt very thin.

I believe that this is in part due to the fact that so much of what I want to say goes against the grain of what so many people are doing in the online space. I want to talk about the things that no one wants to talk about. I want question what is really the right way to do things and how things are done. I want to challenge the status quo. I’ve never been one to take the easy road (3/5 projector for your human design fans) and using this voice means that I also need to be able to stand in power and stand up for my beliefs which up until this point I haven’t really felt ready to do.

this is me Jamie Palmer

This morning I was questioning what am I even good at…what are my strengths and my amazing coach reminded me just how unique I am…in that I can do the big picture vision stuff and the down and dirty stuff let’s figure out the priorities and make a plan stuff… which is not common. It was in the back and forth with her that I realized, I need to actually share my beliefs in the world. Its time to be vulnerable, bold and authentic.

All that to say you are going to witness more of me and my beliefs. I feel compelled to share that means my content is going to change. Yes, I will still be sharing marketing and social media tips, yes, I still believe in simplicity AND I also believe in making a really big impact in the world.

My number one priority is making an impact. Impact to me is more important than money. I believe if you put impact first money will follow. That’s not to say money isn’t important, it is but you won’t see me using that as a marketing or selling technique to enroll someone in a program. Money gives us choice and ultimately choice is freedom…. Each decision we make has an impact, each life we touch has an impact, everything we do has an impact. Impact is everything.

I believe in freedom. Freedom is different for each of us and you have to define what freedom is for you. Time freedom. Choice freedom. Money freedom. Freedom to break free from social norms and all the you should’s… Freedom.

I believe we each have a responsibility to be a steward of the land. I am environmentally conscious and take into account my imprint on the world. We are all working toward a bigger vision in this world but if we don’t have a world to live in — none of the other stuff matters. Plastic pollution is a huge problem. Global Climate Change is real. Clean drinking water should be available to everyone. I want my children and grandchildren to have a planet that is thriving not dying.

I believe in leverage. Teaching and supporting in a way that is one to many vs. one to one. I believe in leveraging my time to create more freedom and my clients believe this too. I believe in community and support. I believe in creating amazing experiences. I believe leverage exponentially increases impact.

I believe in leading because I believe in following your own path, in being authentic to yourself, and not being afraid to go against the grain. Leading is showing up and standing up for what you believe especially when it is hard or uncomfortable.

And here’s the thing… if you are still reading all of this and am like… yeah this doesn’t resonate with me… I GET IT. Please know, I truly do which is part of why I am sharing this. If this does resonate, great! I am so please you are here. Let’s go make an impact on the world.