The Importance of Value Driven Content



Let’s have a closer look at a highly debated topic in the online space: value-driven content.

You probably heard cases for doing value-driven content, and cases against it. I want to tell you that with a 100% certainty you should be creating high quality value-driven content for your audience on a regular basis.

Here are some ninja tips on why that is so important and how you can make the most of the value-driven content you create:

1) Create high-quality content


High quality content is content that helps your ideal client move forward. It’s something that they’re thinking about, and it’s going to help them move forward. It’s something that they can take an action item on. It’s something that they can listen to and get a sense of the fact that a) you are an expert in your industry, and b) this applies to you and it really positions you as an expert.

It’s really important to make sure you do good quality content over quantity.

Produce less content at a higher quality rather than just produce endless content and not worry about it. What happens when you shift to creating less content but of higher quality is the importance of taking that piece of content and distributing it everywhere. This is very important! It is one of the most neglected things that I see in the online space.

  • Create one YouTube a week
  • Create one podcast a week / a month
  • Make sure to take that high-quality content and distribute it everywhere

2) Consistency in creating high-quality content

Your audience is going to expect you to be consistent! Think of it this way: You have a really good dear friend and all of a sudden you just stopped speaking to him/ her. That’s what you’re doing to your audience when you aren’t being consistent. Pick a posting schedule for your macro content. Macro driven content is the long form, high quality, high ROI content that helps move your ideal client forward. It’s blogs, podcasts, YouTubes. Those have SEO searchability.

Macro Content will continue to drive traffic into your funnels and into your ecosystems for years and years to come.

That high-quality content consistency you create contributes to how long you’re going to reap ROI from that piece of macro content. Select a posting schedule and stick to it. No matter what. There will be weeks where it’s really hard to produce content, so I suggest you batch your content!

3) Get out of the social media rat race

Macro content is going to be your friend when it comes to creating value-driven content. It helps solve the problems your clients are thinking about. It helps them move from where they are to where they want to go. That macro content has a lifespan far longer than any social media posts is ever going to have.

Your focus when it comes to value-driven content isn’t to create these really long form posts on social media that last for minutes, hours or maybe a day or two. As the business owner, the entrepreneur, the coach, and the service provider your job is to create that long form content that lasts for days, weeks, months, even years.

Get out of the social media rat race and step into macro content creation.

4) Don’t be afraid to give too much information

Opinions differ on this one, but for me, you can give

  • the who
  • the what
  • the why
  • the how (to some degree)

and you will see that people will still be buying from you most of the time.

Many people will tell you, “Don’t do that. That’s bad advice.” But here’s the thing: When I talk about giving someone the how, 99% of the time, most people are not going to take action and implement it on their own. Only a few people will, but they are not the typical ones. When you think about how much value you’re giving away for free, be really mindful of the balance between giving it all away, but also making sure your clients are moving forward. I always like to say, “I’m happy to give the how away from a 10,000 foot view.”

I know from my experience people aren’t going to implement on their own. They’re not going to take action on their own. The how in many instances incorporates a larger strategy.

Don’t be afraid to give a lot of value inside of your content, because this is going to position you as the expert that you are. It is a massive differentiator in the online space.

5) Setting expectations for your high-quality content

It is super important to understand that value-driven content, SEO-driven content, macro content is a long-term investment, a business strategy, and a marketing strategy when it comes to building your brand online. It is not ads. It’s not some fly by night shoot from the hip trendy thing. It is a proven strategy that you can use over time to build your audience. It isn’t going to happen overnight. For many people, it will take three, six, maybe even 12 months until they start seeing an increase in traffic.

Make sure that you are distributing that long form content. If you don’t distribute that long form content and no one sees it, then this strategy won’t work. Share your content in:

  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook ads
  • Be part of different communities where you can share and engage in each other’s content
  • Share it via your email list

Keep in mind: The more you distribute it, the faster you’re going to generate leads from it. But understand that if you just put it up on your blog or your YouTube channel and you never put it on social media, you’re going to be sorely disappointed by the results that you’ll receive!

You cannot use this strategy as an all-in unless you have some other plan in place to do lead generation. It’s a balance because as you’re building your business, you really want to use this as part of the long-term foundation of building your online business ecosystem. This foundation that you’re laying now will pay dividends for you the more consistent you are and the longer that you do it. Stick with it even on days that you’re feeling discouraged!



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