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Let’s talk about the Human Design Generator in Business

The human design type generator accounts for 37% of the population. The generator is here to respond and to know themselves. In business, generators are best suited to do work they love, that brings them joy and they can lay their head on the pillow at night, exhausted, after a day well spent. They thrive in business when they get to go deep and do work that lights them up. Generators are deeply relational people, they love working with and getting to know others. Generators thrive when they can go deep with one task and stay focused, unlike the manifesting generator who thrives on multi-tasking. Generators do best when they don’t have to switch from task to task as they can often struggle to refocus.

A healthy generator is one who is tapped into their sacral response of un-huh (yes)  and ut-huh (no). They can literally feel the push and pull from within their bodies. It is almost as if they light up from within if something is a yes for them. Many adult generators struggle to connect with this feeling in their body. A great way to reconnect with a generator’s sacral is to find someone you trust and have them ask the generator yes or no questions. This could be something as simple as, What do you want x for dinner? Your name is X? Are you x years old? Open-ended questions don’t work well for a generator.

My youngest is a generator and if I ask him, What do you want for breakfast? I get a deer in the headlights looks. However, if I asked him, do you want cheerios? I would get an immediate reaction that bubbles up from within. That is the sacral response. Often from a very young age generator children are told to “use their words”. This is the beginning of the conditioning of the sacral because the sacral response does not originate in the throat, it comes from within the gut.

The not-self theme of the generator is frustration. If a generator is experiencing frustration then they are often out of alignment with their design. Frustration comes for generators when they have failed to respond. Many unaligned adult generators are in a near-constant state of frustration because they are behaving like manifestors and initiating. Generators are designed to be in a dance with the world and everything they do is in response to a stimulus. Generators often end up in frustration because they didn’t wait to respond and instead went ahead with an initiation. Generators will often feel a sense of frustration as well when they aren’t doing work that they love. This frustration is a great place to shine awareness on because this is a clear sign that they are out of alignment with their design or as I like to say, there is a flag on the field like in the NFL when a player gets a penalty. The sooner the generator can become aware that they are in their not self themes the sooner they can move into alignment.

In business, generators do best in response. For example, this could be posting in a community what kind of content do you want to experience from me? Then answer the questions that come up. Or creating a program after hearing over and over again from clients, I’d love for you to do x. Of course, this assumes it is a sacral yes. Generators are here to do work they love and are passionate about This work should be deep relational and in connection with others. This connection lights them up. Generators crave depth and understanding. Honor that pull to go deep.

In summary, generators are incredible beings who are here to move humanity forward with their contributions. Generators will have the energy to work, long and focused hours when they have found work they love.

Have questions about the generator type? Feel free to ask them below.