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On my weekly business ecosystem builders call, I had a client who said, “I sold two memberships to my community completely out of the blue”. This person had put this membership program on the back burner since December of 2020. So, it was really shocking to him that he had sold two of these “out of the blue”.

I was not shocked because this is a really common occurrence with entrepreneurs. Oftentimes they are working on something and they’re not seeing results as fast as they had hoped and therefore, they think it’s not a viable product. As a result, they let that go, shift focus or they move to something else. It’s super common, and when they least expect it, they start to see action happening.

Why does this happen?

Success in anything in life, but especially in the online space takes longer than most people think. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not stick with things long enough to reap the benefits and the rewards from all the work that they are doing.

A lot of times entrepreneurs don’t dig deep enough to truly determine

  • who it is they want to serve
  • how they want to show up
  • the lifestyle that they want their business to create
  • the impact that they want to make
  • the program that they want to create

They gloss through that too quickly and they gloss through determining who they’re ideal client is too quickly.

Ultimately, they end up making pivots along the way and it leaves a confusing message for potential clients because with social media you’re not having a conversation with somebody and people don’t see every post you make.

They may see a post one month and then not see another post for a couple of weeks. If you’ve completely pivoted, subconsciously it sends a message to their brain that something out of congruence here, like something is off.

You will grow and evolve

Let’s be honest, by running a business, you will grow and evolve. Your ideal client will grow and involve, your core product or your trademark program might change or evolve.

But here’s the thing and this is why my whole existence is to help entrepreneurs focus on that one signature program and really build a massive impact based off of their expertise with one program with one vertical.

I do this in a way by combining their strengthsfinder results, their human design, how they want to show up in the world, the impact that they want to make, how they want to deliver to their clients. How they want to show up, what kind of life do they want to have, like what kind of lifestyle etc…

You’re going to grow and evolve and so is your marketing in your business.

But here’s the really important thing: you will reap the benefits of all your work in 6 to 12 months.

If you never plant garlic in the fall, you cannot expect garlic to magically show up in your garden in the spring. When it comes to marketing and truly developing an online business ecosystem, you have to plant the seeds. The seeds are your marketing, your social media, your email marketing, your podcast, your YouTube.

What you did six months ago and what you’re experiencing now is the reflection of the consistency and the clarity of voice that you had six months ago. Perhaps you weren’t really sure of your voice at the time or you were inconsistent and unsure of what you’re offering. But maybe you were super clear and you’re reaping lots of rewards now.

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Give it time

I think this is important for people to understand and I would see this in my agency days. We would work with people for 6 – 8 months and they would tell us, we don’t see any conversions from the work that you’re doing. One person comes to mind, as they fired us. They were crushing getting organic leads of Pinterest and social media with our work and they fired us.

Six months later, they came back asking to work with us again, as they realized that it takes time. It takes time to build trust with somebody. I also don’t want you to think that there aren’t ways to bypass and get clients faster. There are lots of ways in which you can get clients faster through outreach for example, but that’s for a different blog post.

There’re always people who are raving fans who are true believers, like the diehards. They’ll buy every single thing that you do and the more you grow your audience, the more diehards you have. The more you release something, the faster you’ll see and reap the rewards.

Starting out in the online space

I know how hard it can be to grow your business online. I know how frustrating it can be to post something and hear crickets, and I want you to understand that the more consistent you are today, the more your future self will thank you, and so you can pull people into your ecosystem faster and convert them into sales faster.

It takes time to build trust and establish a relationship. This is why you need to be relentless af with your consistency.

And I’m not just talking about posting:

  • I’m talking about the message that you put out there
  • I’m talking about the conviction that you have and the delivery that you have
  • I’m talking about your ability to articulate what it is that you do.

The more consistent you can be, the more confident, the more voice you have the faster this ecosystem will develop for you.

Stay consistent

Even if you are hearing crickets, you need to continually nurture. You need to continue to say the same thing and tell people to take action, say buying a social media snapshot more times than you think that you should have to.

I know it might make you crazy and you might be thinking to yourself, “I’ve said this a million times, how have they not heard this?” But believe me, the more you can own that and the more you can stay focused on the goal the more beneficial it will be. The more you can stay focused on that goal and that one avatar and that one program, the faster you’re going to succeed.

If you’re changing something from a course to a membership or from self-study to a group, the more times you make an avatar change or a radical avatar change, you’re essentially hitting the reset button and you are going to have to go back and relay all the groundwork that you just did.

So any time that you do that, it’s really important to be crazy intentional. Ask yourself if this is truly the right move because sometimes, we entrepreneurs, we change things just because we’re bored. I know that I’ve done that, and I’ve seen clients do it too.

The more that you can truly commit to that one avatar in that one goal and that one program, the faster you’re going to see results. I can tell you from my experience that it takes 6-12 months of consistent marketing to truly feel the benefits of all your work.

I’m not talking about the process of building the funnel or the sales page. I’m talking about the process from which you are saying, okay, all that foundational work is done, let’s focus on marketing. You’re making that intentional switch from building to marketing.

Importance of Marketing

Once you make that intentional switch, it’s 6-12 months of consistency, relentless consistency to see all the benefits of your work.

Marketing when done well is like interest. Your efforts will continue to compound over time, but the less consistent you are about growing, nurturing, and contributing to your marketing, you will not see the compound effects of your work.

I encourage you to really get clear on

  • who you’re serving
  • what you’re delivering
  • how you’re delivering it

What is that goal that gets you super fired up and excited to show up?

What is that impact goal that is the game-changer for you, if you reach this goal? That’s when, you know, you’ve made it and relentlessly focused on that because when you can narrow down and really pinpoint, focus and cultivate that ecosystem, you’re going to get results and you’re going to start seeing results faster and they will continue to pick up and continue to compound over time. Assuming you focus on that goal.


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