Mindset matters

How can you integrate your story with your strategy and your mindset, in a way that is really meaningful, so that you can show up and have fun?

Strategy can become very complicated and overwhelming very quickly. According to Sarah Mac, there is a way to keep it super simple, because everything you need is already inside of you. The clues are in your story and you decide which piece of your story to share according to your very clear intention around the result that you want to create for people.

Sarah Mac: Writer and Mindset Coach

Sarah Mac is a writer and a mindset coach, who helps creative entrepreneurs birth their dream business and do it in a way that is fun for them. Getting to five-figure months, the fun way by sharing their story on social media, and having loads of fun in their life at the same time.

Sarah believes in leading with your passion above all. As entrepreneurs, we have so many choices, particularly in the online space. There are a million different ways that we can reach people; many different angles and many things that we can support our clients with. So, Sarah tries to always bring her clients back to what they are most excited about and what is most meaningful to them.

mindset matters

Mindset Work

An important part of leading with your passion is doing the mindset work. No matter what shift you are making in your life, whether it is from a job to a business or you have an established business and you want to start doing something different, there is always a leap that involves you going from things that you have proven work for you to trying things that you have no evidence will work for you.

Mindset work is the piece that closes the gap.

It is integral for you to start living in the story that you believe is possible for you and that you are deciding is possible for you and that you will make it work, no matter what. Until you really have trained your mind to live in that story, you will self-sabotage or procrastinate, and there will be a ton of resistance.

If you are not being super intentional around your focus for the day and throughout your day, and taking action from a place of being very clear on your intentions for what you are choosing to create with your life, then it will just either stay the same or get worse. So, being very intentional every day about engaging in that story of possibility, in choosing the story of belief in yourself, and doing the work to clean out all of those limiting stories that you have picked up along the way, is key in becoming the person who allows it to be easy and fun to do the things that you actually want to do.

When it comes to writing that new story for yourself, it’s really a case of building evidence.

You have to get your mind on board and your mind is always trying to protect you and keep you in your zone of comfort.

Once you shift your focus to that and you give yourself permission to want something better, you give yourself permission to believe that better is possible for you. You give yourself permission to accept that it’s possible to make money in really fun ways that feel really good to you. Your mind will look for signs and signals to move you towards that direction.

For more information, you can connect with Sarah via Instagram or visit her website.


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