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One of the biggest mistakes I see service providers, coaches, and entrepreneurs make in the online space is that they make it hard for people to buy from. Ultimately, you want to make it as easy as possible for your ideal client to buy from you.

Easily map out a signature offer for your program

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. So why do so many of us entrepreneurs, make it so hard for our ideal clients to buy from us? They are sitting on their iPad at night and are looking to take a course on social media, to hire a coach, or to do a strategy session with somebody, etc…

Many websites make you jump through hoops and it’s nearly impossible to find the pricing. The only way to find it out is by booking a consultation call.

The end result is that the person goes over to your competition’s website, where they make it easy for people to buy. They can book online. They can pay online. They can order services online. They can enroll in that course right then and there.

Step-by-step process to build your signature offer

Here is my step-by-step process to build out your signature offer, scale your business, and finally profit!

1. Determine your Zone of Genius

What are your green lights in your business? What are the things that you love to do, where the hours just fly by, you light up, and you’re excited to show up?

As entrepreneurs, we came into business for ourselves because we are passionate about a certain thing. But ultimately that passion gets whittled away. We realize we have all these other things that we have to do in order to be in business for ourselves or we have taken on these extra services that aren’t necessarily in alignment with what we want to do.

Think about what those green lights in your business are.

  • What are the things that excite you? I want your signature offer to be something that you love and are excited to deliver.
  • What are the strengths that make you unique in your business?
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2. Determine your ideal client

For those of you who haven’t really worked with clients too much, this is certainly going to be a harder exercise to do. But for the vast majority, who are already working with clients, think about your favorite client.

  • What did you do for them?
  • What was the transformation that they got?
  • What were the benefits that they received along the way?
  • How did they thank you?
  • What were the milestones and steps that they took along the way?
  • What was the thing that made you most excited to work with them?

Write all those things down.

3. Think about your least favorite client that you’ve ever worked with

Yes, I want you to bring back the nightmares from that least favorite client that you ever worked with!

Write down all the problems that came up with them.

  • What happened?
  • Why did the relationship deteriorate? If it did, how come they didn’t receive the transformation that they were hoping to receive?
  • What happened that caused that question?

Write it all down and face it. As painful as it can be, it’s really important in determining your signature program.

4. Think about all of the deliverables that you would do for your favorite client if they had limitless amounts of money to hire you

What would be the deliverables? What would be the benefits, and what were the results that they would achieve in this work together?

This exercise can take a bit of work. It can take a few days to really work through all the details. But it’s worth doing because this is what’s going to help you map your signature offer.

5. Divide your list of deliverables into three categories

Think bronze, silver, gold. I want you to have three different tiers of an offer.

  • The bronze tier (entry-level), that is your minimum viable product that you need to actually help somebody receive that transformation.
  • The silver tier (the middle level), that would be the ideal product, where everybody would buy this product.
  • The gold tier (top-level), which is the above and beyond package that would help people accelerate even faster and get to where they want to be.

6. Calculate how many hours those deliverables would take

If you’re doing a course that’s great, because then this is really easy. You don’t have to teach one person at a time. You can teach multiple people at the same time.

However, if you are someone who is a service provider, or you’re selling in a one-to-one setting, you want to make sure that the amount of time that it takes you to deliver your actual signature program, the amount of time you have available, and your financial goals are all in alignment.

Calculate the number of hours that it would take you to deliver the amount of hours that you have to do deliverables and your financial goal for each month, and make sure that they line up.

7. Adjust your price accordingly

When most people go through this exercise, they realize that their prices are too low. Adjust your price accordingly so that you are getting paid exactly what you are worth and as your business grows, you can delegate parts of the deliverables of your signature offer so that it does not all fall onto your shoulders.

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