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In episode 2, I begin my deep dive into the projector type in business in the human design system. There are five types in the human design system, projector, manifestor, manifesting generator, generator and reflector. Type is how you are designed to interact with the world.

On today’s episode, I discuss the projector type in detail including the projector strategy to wait for the invitation or the recogniation, the projector not-self of bitterness, resentment and burnout and the projector in marketing.

Twenty percent of the population is a projector. Projectors are not here to work in the traditional sense of the word, they are here to be guides and leaders in the new world we are naviagiting. Projectors who allow themselves to be seen and show up in alignement with their design will find their signature theme of success because the recognition and invitations will flow for them. Waiting for the invitiation (or recognition) is the projector strategy and they will often be met with resistance if they don’t first wait for the invitaiton especially when offering up unsolicited advice.

The not-self theme of the projector is bitterness and restenment which is often when they have not waited for an invitation or they have settled for one that doesn’t feel right. It may in fact on paper look good but something about it is off. Projectors should never settle. Their energy is potent, powerful and they love to go deep. So making sure they say yes to the right invitiations is key for them to living in congruence with their design. Invitations will not stop flowing when projectors are allowing themselves to be seen in congruence with their design.

In marketing and business projectors need to show up in order to receive invitations. Showing up for them means following the flow of their potent energy and sharing when they feel called. Projectors want to go deep with people so creating community is important. While consistency may not be their strength, depth is. Projectors will show up and create one powerful, potent post and then wait a week. This works for them and honors their energy. Projectors are here to show us a new way to work in the world and through out the traditional sense of the word work.

In terms of a business model projectors should create a business where they go deep with people while also honoring the ebbs and flows of their energy and allowing for periods of rest. Designing a business around this is key for the projector to avoid burnout.

While projectors are not working they should be allowing themsevles to pursue their passions and doing deep. This doesn’t necessarily mean resting on the couch, it could mean backpacking outdoors or whatever the projector is passionate about.

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