How it all started_

It all started way back when I was entering my teenage years. Every winter my family and I would trek back and forth to New Hampshire every weekend to go skiing. I loved to ski and still do but what I loved, even more, was the drive over the scenic Kangamangus highway. Inevitably we would head into North Conway and as we drove down the one long road into town… I knew we would stop at the old bookstore on the way into town. The bookstore itself looked like it was stuck in the ’80s but I didn’t care. My dad would give me some money to buy a few books. I always gravitated towards the bargain bin where I would find the treasure I was looking for. Old textbooks. Textbooks on business, leadership, psychology. Sure they had these massive yellow stickers on the back because they were no longer wanted but I cherished them.

The Birth of making things simple

I distinctly remember bringing them home and scouring through them. This was long before the days of high-speed internet, sure dial-up was a thing back then, but all that information wasn’t readily available. I would spend hours in my room reading and then recreating all of the exercises inside each textbook. I’d run around teaching what I had learned to anyone who’d listen. This was the birth of my obsession with making things simple.

This carried on through my teenage years and became even more apparent in my 20’s when I’d be able to quickly distill down the problems many of the small business owners I was working with were facing. Every person I’d work with would tell me, “You are wise beyond your years.” or “You must have an old soul.”

I was selling websites at the time but many of the small business owners believed the website was the answer to their sales problem. In some ways, it was part of the answer to that problem but in many ways, it created another excuse for the small business owner to avoid selling.

how it all started

Lack of integration between technology and the human

As my business and I aged I saw the same themes over and over again emerging, especially as I went full-fledged into the online space. Disconnect. Expecting marketing efforts to do the sales job. Lack of integration between technology and the human. I repeatedly, over and over again witnessed a massive disconnect between the online experience and the experience that the service provider (coach, entrepreneur, or insert whatever language resonates) wanted to provide. They failed to create an integrated online business ecosystem.

Now, this wasn’t every person but it was the vast majority. I think in part because many coaches and internet marketers want to keep selling their clients buying into that next thing and that next thing. Leading them to believe that they need this other GREAT thing to be successful and this other thing and so on and so forth. Hello, glittery object syndrome…. but the fact of the matter is that I repeatedly saw over and over again wildly capable entrepreneurs spending thousands of dollars with a “guru” only to be led down a wild goose chase. Because let’s face it, this guru had their own guru and it was always about whatever this next best marketing trend is and that’s the ONLY route that leads to success.  NOT!

The FACT of the matter is this

  1. You will never be successful chasing trends. Sure, you might have a one-off success but it isn’t long-term sustained business growth.
  2. Most of the time to keep up with the trends you have to spend thousands (upon thousands) of dollars to get all the systems in place only to have to start all over when the trends change, which inevitably happens.

Creating and nurturing an ecosystem

After spending nearly 17 years supporting 1000’s of entrepreneurs and small business owners, I believe it isn’t about the trends. It is about creating and nurturing an ecosystem that will build you a sustainable business overtime for years to come. You see the problem with the trendy, flashy marketers is that they are good at marketing but bad at delivery. They aren’t experts. They don’t have 10 plus years of expertise. They haven’t been in the weeds. They buy their success. They didn’t earn it.

Their content is repurposed from someone else, they haven’t developed their own process and they too are looking for that next best thing but they just won’t tell you that. You can see this happening right now with all of the “TikTok experts”.

For me, it comes down to simplicity, to synthesizing, and to strategy. I’ve spent my lifetime distilling and simplifying. It is hands down the number 1 thing my clients say about working with me. The fact of the matter is that it is in my DNA and in my Human Design. It is how I am wired. Where others see complexities, I see simplicity. I see steps, process and strategy.

Building a Business

Building a business is really simple and it boils down to this:

  1. Pick an Ideal Client
  2. Solve a problem they have with your expertise
  3. Get really consistent
  4. Create systems for sales, marketing, and delivery.
  5. Do this until you reach 7 figures then repeat with a different problem or product

I’m not one to sugarcoat… it really can be that simple.

The reality is entrepreneurs either fall into the glittery object syndrome where they keep buying into the next best thing, coach after coach, and/or abandon their strategy, offer, and ideal client by hitting the reset button before they have even given themselves a chance.

OR they launch something once, it is mediocrely successful, and then go on to the next thing… completely starting the process from scratch instead of improving on the thing that they already have.

It seriously makes me so sad and I’m waging war against this paradigm. I am waging war against the carrot and stick, linear strategies, and the “gurus” who want to keep people buying into their next program. I’m waging war against trendy marketing because it doesn’t work long term.

If you feel like you want to burn your business to the ground. 

If you are tired of being stuck. 

If you are tired of hitting the reset button. 

If you are tired of being tired and on the treadmill of your business let’s talk. 

Let’s bring the joy back to your business.

There is an easier way. There is a simpler way. It starts with building your online business ecosystem. It starts by committing to the one thing. It starts by simplifying.

If this resonates with you and you want to make the best of what’s left of 2021 and set yourself up for success in 2022 with someone who will give you a simple straightforward, no-nonsense approach send me a message.


P.S. I created this business because I wanted more freedom, limitless earning potential, and more time especially with this little human. I know you want the same. It’s time to break free from the glittery object syndrome and build your ecosystem.