Day In The Life of Jamie Palmer 2020 Update

10 months into the year and I am sure it is not how you pictured it to be. Running a business, home schooling and having everybody at home all the time can be challenging!

The Corona government restrictions have affected all of us in different ways. I am super appreciative of the gift of time it has given me. Before the restrictions, I would spend two hours a day in the car and manage the kids activities. Now I hardly drive my car.

I truly feel that there’s this gift of time with the kids that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. Sure, it’s not easy not going out or being with friends. But there is the layer of complexity you have to address now. Especially with the kids. Going to a grocery store is difficult, as kids like to touch everything. Thankfully, we already had most of our grocery and household stuff set on auto-delivery. We’ve just taken it to a whole other level. We’ve had highs and lows, but are managing it like everybody else.

Being grateful

I’m grateful that my business is going well. I’m grateful my husband still has his job. I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to keep the kids home and we don’t have to open up ourselves to that extra layer of vulnerability.

Business wise I’m not necessarily where I expected to be. But ultimately, I’m grateful and very fortunate for everything that I have and that I have received. Especially the extra with my family.

Business realizations

My vision for the business this year was to really break through and have a seven-figure year. As things stand, I will not hit that goal. It was a lofty goal to begin with.

From March till May I essentially didn’t take on any new business, simply because we were homeschooling. No new business for several months wasn’t something I anticipated.

I also realized that I have helped many people be successful for the past 17 years. Yet, I haven’t taken these principles I know to be true and applied them to my own business. I have helped others, but I haven’t gotten my business to where it deserves to be. That was a true wake-up call! If it wasn’t for Covid, I would’ve just kept going. I wouldn’t have had the time to reflect on that and make those adjustments along the way.

I am super committed to building a business that isn’t attached to me running it. I plan on growing my business ecosystem builders’ group and create amazing products. I want to show up in a way that feels authentic to me, but also be impactful to the people that work with me.

So, for the reminder of the year, I have set three really big goals that I want to accomplish:

  1. I plan on launching a really big Black Friday special.
  2. I am revamping my sales page and sales process for my business ecosystem builders’ program.
  3. I plan on launching a Kickstarter campaign for a book.




To balance home-life, schooling and work, I learned to stick to the schedule and be super diligent about my time. I am very focused when I am working and I’m very focused when I am homeschooling. I just took my time management and my productivity to the next level.

I’m making sure we all get enough exercise and keep moving. It makes a huge difference in terms of everybody’s mood and ability to be happy, settled and grounded in the house.

Meditation, journaling, and breath work have helped me a lot. Rest is super important. Doing nothing is important. Making time for things that really set your soul on fire, like your personal hobbies are critical so that you can decompress.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, give yourself permission to take time off and unplug. It’s important to understand that your body’s working on overdrive. Eating healthy, drinking water, making sure that you’re taking care of yourself and prioritizing that is key! Fundamentally you want to be able to manage all the stress.

Stronger than we think

We can do really hard things as humans. I never believed that I’d be able to manage all the things that I’m managing right now. I’ve struggled with confidence in myself in the past. But this situation has made me realize

  • how wildly talented I really am
  • How much I do know about business
  • How much I can handle
  • How many things I can actually do when I focus

That has been very reaffirming and reading the book “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, has shown me that you have to be yourself and raise kids that are themselves. Be true to who you are. Be authentic!

Stay safe, stay healthy and try to make the best of this time that we have with our family, because we probably won’t ever get this much time with them in our lives again!




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