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Let me take you behind the scenes and give you some frameworks on how you can grow your online presence through content creation.

I’ve been in the social media world before social media was cool! When it comes to content creation, I have seen it all! Keep in mind, in order to get visibility you need to show up consistently, and that can be overwhelming. This overwhelm usually shows up in one of three forms.

  1. Having to show up daily on social media
  2. Imposter syndrome “Oh my goodness, what are people gonna think?”
  3. Lack of a system

Content creation and Visibility Basics to set yourself up for success

First, I’m giving you a permission slip to take a two-week break from social media. Announce on all the social media platforms that you are active on, that you are taking a two-week break starting today, so that you can get more strategic and plan out your content.

Overwhelm is a real thing when it comes to social media. People feel overwhelmed because they have to post each and every day once they start posting on social media. Instead of being really strategic, planned out and thoughtful with their content, they end up just posting to post something, because it’s five o’clock at night and they don’t know what to post.

The first thing I say to all of my clients is let’s take a two-week break from social media.

Second, I want you to think about what kind of macro content you want to create. You know I talk a lot about macro content! If you are new to the online world, with macro content I mean long-form content. It can be a blog, a YouTube video, or a podcast.

1- Macro content is content that becomes an asset to your business

It is an asset because of its long life span, unlike social media where the lifespan is hours, maybe days. Macro content will last weeks, months, even years, if it’s implemented properly. So, the most important thing to think about is what kind of macro content you want to create in your business, paired with where your ideal client is hanging out.

Part of the reason why I want you to create macro content, is because it can become the basis for your micro content, or your social media content. If you transcribe an eight to 10-minute video it will roughly give you three to five pages of content. You can create literally dozens of social media posts from that and it can be the basis for your blog, or your newsletter that goes out to your list.

2- Set up a content creation system

Once you have a content creation system in place, the next thing you want to do is batch create content. How? Create all the content at the same time:

  • Record four videos at a time
  • Record four podcasts at a time
  • Write four emails at a time
  • Create all your texts content for social media

The reason why I recommend doing all at the same time, is because once you get in that zone of recording videos it’s really easy to stay in that zone of creating videos. Same is true when it comes to social media.

People often write the content for their social media posts, and then they create a graphic. The problem with that is that you’re constantly flipping switches in your brain. So, get all your videos, podcasts and other macro content done at the same time.

The following week you write all the emails or clean up all the transcripts from those recordings. The week after that you create all the social media texts from the transcripts. Then you do all the graphics in one take.

Content Creation and Visibility Basics pin

If you follow a system like we use with our social made simple system, then you know every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you’re posting x type of content. This way you can create four posts that are all the same. It also keeps your brain in the same zone of genius.

3- The five-second rule

Once you schedule all the texts then you select the images. When it comes to images, I recommend you use the five-second rule. Countdown to five and one pick the image, because you could literally spend hours trying to decide on an image for social media. This batching system has served me well over the years in business, and it also serves my clients really well. In most instances, if you do it properly, you can create 30 days’ worth of content in five to seven hours.

I’m talking about getting it created, written, scheduled and posted. So batching is your friend, especially once you get into the rhythm of doing it.

4- Your scheduling tool

It’s important that you have the right scheduling tool in place in your content creation system. There are lots of different scheduling tools out there. Buffer and Hootsuite are two really inexpensive options that cover a lot of the social media platforms out there. If you’re a visual kind of person, I highly recommend Planoly.

30 posts in under 30 minutes

Whatever schedule you pick, it will be your BFF. You will be able to put 30 days of content in one sitting, and in under 30 minutes, given you have everything already written out and linked together. You set it up and don’t have to touch it for the rest of the month. It will be a game changer for you, because it will free up lots of time for you to think and have freedom and space to create.

5- Become consistent

Many of you might be thinking, “Oh my goodness posting daily seems crazy overwhelming”, and if posting daily seems crazy overwhelming to you, don’t worry about it. It’s ok if you don’t post daily! Think what posting schedule would work for you? Three times a week, seven times a week? Whatever your schedule is, commit to it and stay consistent, because remember, when it comes to social media consistency is key.

Bonus tip

As you’re thinking about the content you will share with your audience, think about the things that you have coming up in your marketing calendar. (Have a look at my marketing planning 2021 video, where I talk about planning out your marketing calendar. It’s a great way to take what you’re learning here today and apply it in another way).

Content Creation and Visibilities Basics infographic

Don’t forget to think about what’s ahead!

If you have a launch coming up, your current content should be addressing the problems and concerns, your ideal client has, as it relates to that product that you are launching in the future. It’s really important to be strategic with your content if you’re going to do it this way.

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