Mapping Your Client Journey

What is a client journey? A client journey is the process and/or experience that you will take someone on from the first experience of finding your brand on social media (or whenever they find you) to becoming a client. This includes all the different steps along the way to becoming a paying client. 

It is critical to map this out for two reasons 

        1. You have a process in place for a prospect to become a client that is well thought out
        2. You are placing content strategically in front of the ideal client so they move forward and actually become a buyer.

What I see super often is that people will give a lot of value driven content but there is no singular marketing focus when it comes to the next step they want someone to take. The prospect is left in a dead end and has to guess as to what to do next. People love to buy but hate to be sold so when you make it overly hard or complicated for people to buy from you then you will lose them to your competition. 

There are lots of great tools that you can use to create a client journey, lucid chart, powerpoint, or just an old school piece of white paper. Don’t overcomplicate this! 

Then I recommend determining which two social media platforms that you’d like to choose are plus one type of macro content.

A super simple client journey would look something like this: 

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While this may look quite complicated it is actually just a opt-in and nurture sequence journey for someone who wants to get their ideal clients to book a call. 

Now, I would recommend taking it one step further…what is the content that the ideal client needs to experience to move forward. Think about their deepest desires and what keeps them up at night because understanding WHO you are making this content for and WHY you will be able to help them get there is CRITICAL for success. Ultimately you want the prospect to be shaking their head thinking, “how did they get inside my head?”. That is how well you should know your ideal client. 

Entrepreneurs often miss the mark in their efforts of pursuing new clients because they speak to the problem they know the client has and NOT the problem the prospect believes that they have. Let me give you an example, I have a client who runs a success community for parents and students. This community helps gives parents and students structure and organization when it comes to their academic success. Sounds simple enough right? Here’s the thing…the parents don’t believe that is the problem with why they aren’t doing well in school. Parents believe the problem is they aren’t getting good grades. This client has to speak to the problem the ideal client believe that they have and then when they join the community he can explain why, because he is the expert with 20 plus years of experience why the real problem is organization. 

This is hands down one of the biggest mistakes I see the majority of people on the internet make. They market to the problem that they the expert with years of experience knows that the client has but here’s the deal the client doesn’t believe that is the problem. They don’t have that level of awareness yet. This is KEY to success. Are you marketing to the problem the client believes that they have? 

Once you have ironed out who you are marketing to and the problem that they believe they have you can then create and cultivate content that addresses all of the objections, burning desires, and struggles the ideal client has. This means meeting them where they are. This means researching. This means getting to know them and know them really well. That way you can map out the client journey in a way that speaks to them. 

What other questions do you have about mapping your client journey?