What is Ecocentric Human Design?

It’s time to get ecocentric, not egocentric. Ecocentric Human Design was created and developed by me, Jamie Palmer. I’ve used human design over the last several years to return to the nature of who I am. In my journey of getting realigned to the core of my being, I began experimenting with different nature practices, rituals, and somatic exercises to decondition from all of the baggage that had been put on me in my life.


I took what I was learning about traditional human design and realized something was missing. I need to take this information and apply it. I need to integrate it. It wasn’t enough to know it; I had to embody it and become. Through my experiments, I started to synthesize different exercises, experiments, techniques, and practices to align with one’s human design.


It was in these practices and experiments that Ecocentric Human Design was born. I believe that part of our role in life is to peel back the layers of social, family, generational, and cultural conditioning put on us. It is our job to become who we were always meant to be. We must put down the shoulds, couldn’t, ought to’s, and what is expected of us and instead honor the person we are. The person we know deep down in our core is waiting to be shared with the world.


Humans, much like nature and ecosystems, live life in cycles. For every up, there is a down. For every high, there is a low. We cannot bloom 24/7, and there is no summer without winter. We must encounter the darkness and sorrow of the storm so we can find joy in the rainbow.


We must honor the juxtaposition of life. We must hold space for the dichotomy that exists as part of the human experience. We must put down our egos and embrace what it means to be ecocentric. We must honor the seasons of our life. We must shed the layers that were never ours in order to embrace who we were always meant to be. We must commit to returning to the nature of who we were before the world got a hold of us. We must let go in order to become, fulfill our purpose, and embrace our destiny. We each have a part to play, and when we can do it congruent with who we are, the world is a better place for everyone.


With Ecocentric Human Design, we embrace the philosophy that we are one with the earth and nature around us. We live in harmony with the world around us in order to sustain, regenerate, and thrive. Ecocentric Human Design embodies a holistic view of the person, their purpose, and their role in the ecosystem around them. Ecocentric human design is about sustainability, cycles, and regeneration. It encompasses the seasons of life and encourages people to enter the threshold of what is possible for them.


Each of my core programs, HD Your Biz, HD Wild, and HD Evolve, will leverage this new paradigm of Human Design. It’s time to get ecocentric, not egocentric. A new Ecocentric Human Design Podcast is on the horizon along with a series of blogs, books, and more.