overcoming obstacles with mindset coach Rebecca Polan

Rebecca Polan is a mindset and performing coach. She is trained in Somatic Psychotherapy and she helps solopreneurs and coaches take effective action in their business, particularly those who feel like they’re not growing. Not growing is a sign that something is out of alignment and Rebecca helps them figure out what’s in their way. 

Overcoming Your Obstacles

As entrepreneurs, we grow each day in our business. Most of the time, this is uncomfortable and we feel like there are numerous obstacles in our way. But, if you have a strong feeling about something related to your business; you don’t have a business issue, you have a mindset issue. If you are feeling deeply frustrated, ashamed, or embarrassed about your business or about your ability, then you probably have a mindset issue that is deeply unconscious. We all have beliefs that we’ve created about how the world works, but our software was created between ages 0-7, it’s not reliable. There are ways to rewire that, but they’re right outside of our blind spot and we are not able to see it unless we get to those unconscious beliefs, below the surface of awareness where 90% of our thinking is actually going on.

Overcoming obstacles with mindset coach Rebecca Polan_

Most Common Struggles for Entrepreneurs

Rebecca’s work is catalytic. A big part of her work is done after one, two, three sessions. It’s not just a mindset shift; it’s really a body-mind shift. The point of her work is to uproot and heal the things that are beneath the surface so that you can go and take action without resistance. That resistance is there because it mapping to this older material that just needs to be uprooted and healed.

According to Rebecca, the five areas where most entrepreneurs struggle are:

1. Procrastination or not finishing. These blocks usually occur in people who are either unable to take action because they were criticized in the past or are unable to finish because they are afraid of the person they might become

2. Being seen. People who just can’t show up online with their face on a camera.

3. Overcommitment. People who can’t delegate, won’t delegate, can’t stop, don’t rest to their own detriment.

4. Impostor syndrome. This voice within us that we’ve internalized, that makes us doubt ourselves from the outside. 

5. Being consistent or inconsistent. This is all about attachment with ourselves, secure attachment with ourselves. So when we’re not showing up in our business, it’s likely that we’re not showing up for ourselves.

Rebecca’s business tip

Meditate. If you don’t meditate, do it. If you meditate, sit for at least 12 minutes. Meditation is the beginning of you getting access to what’s unconscious. That is essential for anybody on an entrepreneurial journey, which is also a spiritual journey because it is tied to our passion and our purpose.

If you want to find out more, head over to Rebbeca’s site and take her quiz How Do You Get Stuck that gives you information on your top three blocks.


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