How to build a strong marketing team

I started my business when I was 20, and for the first decade, I was convinced that I could do it all by myself. After having my first kid, and a total burnout, I realized that I needed help. I think that many entrepreneurs struggle with asking for help, because your business is your baby, but as your business grows you get to a point where you can’t do it all by yourself and you need to build a team.

Veronica Romney is a Dream Team Architect. She has been in the online marketing world since 2008, most recently working behind-the-scenes as a speaker, trainer, Director, and Chief of Staff for brands such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Pete Vargas, and BossBabe. Veronica is a full-time research marketing professional, a wife, mancub mother of two, and a Florida native. She is the Founder and President of LoSoMo Inc, a branding + digital marketing agency based in Boca Raton, Florida that focuses on quality work and refreshing, empathetic client relationships all around the world.

How to build a strong marketing team

What to focus on when growing your business 

When you are growing your business it’s important to have a healthy, balanced team. Ideally, you want to have a combination of 

  • a strategic thinker (which is usually the founder)
  • people manager
  • outwork communicators (customer service, account managers, etc.)
  • task delegators
  • the doers 

There are also three different lanes that form as your business grows: 

  • marketing lane 
  • opps fulfillments lane 
  • finance lane 

As you look at your organization chart, you want to make sure that you put the right people in the right lanes.

Expert, but simply not a good marketer

In the online industry, everything is geared towards being an amazing marketer. But let’s be honest, some of us are simply not good marketers. So, if you know that you’re the expert and you know that you have the curse of knowledge and you know that your products can provide true transformation for your clients, but you don’t want to play the marketing game, the best thing to do is to have a third party come in, an objective person who has marketing knowledge.

Some of Veronica’s advice, when it comes to being a solopreneur, is:

  1. Outsource all your finances
  2. Hire a tech VA
  3. Document everything that is repetitive so that you can automate it
  4. Be ridiculously disciplined at blocking two hours per day for creative things.

Veronica’s pro tip: If you don’t have a tech person, that’s the first person you should get.

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