Being healthy with Anna Israel

Most entrepreneurs need to perform at a high level. In order to do that, we need to be intentional when it comes to our health and wellness. Anna Israel is a functional medicine provider, an epigenetic coach, and a Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Anna also has a product line of nutraceuticals, vitamins, and herbs.

Creating Your Own Life

At the age of 4, Anna started training horseback riding for the Junior Olympics. When she was 14, she started experiencing health issues and her immune system was compromised. She decided to pivot and became an international dressage trainer in her 20s. She was making six figures but pretty soon felt burnt out; both physically and mentally. She always knew that she wanted to create her own life. Creating her life meant living her life the way she intended it. This drive brought her to creating a beautiful sanctuary in the city of Boston for people to restore their health.

Today, Anna helps people with pretty much everything. From pain, digestion, migraines to fertility, acne, stress, etc. Her products are a way for her to help people by offering them purity, effectiveness, and power in their medicine.

Being healthy with Anna Israel

Health vs Wellness

According to Anna, there is a huge difference between health and wellness. Health is simply not being sick and wellness is having energy and vitality, sleeping well, waking up refreshed, having a clear mind. Her mission is to help people not just feel better, but live better. She likes to refer to herself as a catalyst for health. She prescribes lifestyle changes based on blood work or symptoms. She believes that if you want to heal, there’s usually a natural way to do so; it just requires work.

Anna Israel’s Health Tip

Meditation. Just 20 minutes of meditation every morning can do a lot for you. If we don’t take care of our minds on a daily basis, we’re going to grow patterns of thinking, behavior, and stress that all lead to disease. So, meditate every day!

To find out more about Anna Israel and how she can help you with your health and wellness, visit her website or check out her Instagram.


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